We’ve Reinvented
Pre-settlement Funding

Our tech-forward approach cuts costs, streamlines processes, and clears obstacles. And with the easiest to use platform in the industry, you can get your client started in seconds and have 24/7 access to case status and settlement information.

Get a Plaintiff Started
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Built on Technology, Based on Simplicity.
What a Relief.

Relief Funding is the only funding solution integrated into MoveDocs, a cutting-edge, hassle-free personal injury services platform.

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Point & Click Simplicify

Connect your clients with Relief Funding in just a few clicks.

No docs or phone calls needed–with your client’s approval, all needed info can be safely shared within our secure platforms.

Case status and payoff amounts for negotiations are at your fingertips 24/7.

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Preapproved & Lightning Fast

Your clients are preapproved* for up to $1,000.

Need more than $1,000? Simply answer a few more questions. We can approve tens, even hundreds of thousands of dollars upon expedited underwriting review.

Once approved, we can deliver funds within 24 hours, via wire, printable e-check or Western Union.

*If we can verify the application information and plaintiff identity, there is an active and unencumbered legal claim, and the plaintiff meets certain other basic qualifications, they will be approved.

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Simple rate structures that are transparent and easy to understand.

Add Relief Funding to an existing medical lien account on MoveDocs and save even more.

Help plaintiffs make ends meet while you fight for the best settlement.